This Is The Most Insane Moment On Wheel Of Fortune Ever. Seriously, HOW?

It was a normal, but exciting, day when nursing student from California, Emil De Leon, appeared on the game show Wheel of Fortune. He was excited to try his hand at winning the show, but probably didn’t expect to stun America with his performance. During a bonus puzzle, the 25 year-old had to solve a three word phrase with only two letters on the board… So he did. With style.

The puzzle seemed impossible to solve… but Emil absolutely crushed it.

Wheel of Fortune

Everyone was in disbelief, even Emil.

Wheel of Fortune

Well, especially Emil. He won $45,000 in about 30 seconds.

Wheel of Fortune

Host Pat Sajak even quickly frisked the incredible contestant after the incredible solve.

Wheel of Fortune

Source: YouTube Emil says that he has been studying infant care in his classes, which is why he thinks he was able to think of the short phrase so quickly (and with so few letters). Maybe it was luck. Maybe he tricked the system. Maybe he is a wizard. Whatever the reason, his solve is still pretty unbelievable. Watch it for yourself:

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