This Is The Last Thing You’d Expect In A Cemetery… But In A Way, It’s Actually Pretty Touching.

When passing a graveyard, some people superstitiously hold their breath. Others may turn down their car’s radio out of respect for the dead. These families in Maldova, however, are doing something completely different: they eat with their dead. In celebration of Orthodox Easter, the families bring a picnic basket and light hearts to the cemetery, then begin to eat a joyous meal by the graves of their relatives. These photos by Carlo Gianferro give us an amazing glimpse into this ritual.

The families gather together to share a meal with those relatives that have passed on.

They begin by pouring a glass of wine on the grave of their relative…

Then they begin to celebrate.

The photo series, called Lunch With the Dead, shows a duality of emotions. Both joy and grief are experienced together.

Although their loved ones have passed on, these people know how to honor their memory by celebrating life.

It seems these families know a secret, that death isn’t truly the end. The way they remember their dead is loving and happy. Source: And we should remember to honor our deceased loved ones in the same way.

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