This Is The Awesome Thing That Happens When You Turn Bricks Into Dominoes

One of the things I love about the internet is that there’s no shortage of people doing cool stuff that I wouldn’t even think of on my own.

There are really talented people out there who can create massive domino spreads and with the flick of a single piece send the whole thing falling. They can span multiple rooms and even floors, and watching them, I thought it was the coolest domino project I’d ever see.

I still think they’re pretty amazing, but I recently found out about the “double-domino effect” and it changed everything. At first, it seems like sorcerer’s magic, but there’s actually a mathematical solution that will blow your mind.

The double-domino effect happens at the very end of a line of domino bricks falling, and it’s so cool to see.


Youtube / Viral Hog

Essentially, the bricks all wind up flat on the ground in a straight line. But how could that possibly be?


Youtube / Wonder FLY

Watch this mathematician explain the double-domino effect and why it occurs. It’s actually so simple!


Youtube / standupmaths

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