This Is Absolutely 100 Percent NOT What You Want To See In A Morgue At Night

Morgues are inherently creepy regardless of what time it is, but just imagine being inside one after dark.

It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in ghosts or not because knowing that you’re near where dead bodies are stored is at least a little unsettling, especially if you’re all alone. But while this brave security guard had another person by his side as he walked through the corridor of a former morgue in Brazil, I’m willing to bet it didn’t do anything to lessen his fear.

He and his companion recently had the displeasure of witnessing and recording something they couldn’t explain at all — but it definitely seems like something supernatural was to blame. Check out the spooky footage and decide for yourself whether this could’ve been a ghost.

It gets even creepier when the banging stops.


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I really have to commend these guys for staying so long — I would’ve been out of there in a second! Share this video with the paranormal enthusiasts in your life to get their take on it.

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