This Is A Quiz For Dumb Kids Who Know Nothing About ’90s Rock

It’s time to learn about some cool and important stuff.

  1. 1. What did this guy do back in the ’90s?

    Justin Sullivan / Getty

    1. He was the singer in Seven Mary Three
    2. Night manager at a Denny’s in Ohio
    3. Was studying to become a dentist, but was like “fuck it, I gotta rock” and started a band
    4. Played drums in Nirvana

  2. 2. Which band was like “FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHATCHU TELL ME!!!!!”

    Frank Micelotta / Hulton Archive

    1. Pearl Jam
    2. Alice In Chains
    3. Silverchair
    4. Rage Against the Machine

  3. 3. What band is this guy in?


    1. R.E.M.
    2. Toad the Wet Sprocket
    3. Live
    4. The Smashing Pumpkins

  4. 4. Did people think Weezer was cool when they first came out in the mid ’90s?


    1. Yes, definitely
    2. Hahaha, no
    3. Kinda cool for a corporate rock version of Pavement, maybe
    4. Trick question, Weezer weren’t around back then

  5. 5. Which band was like “I WANT TO FUCK YOU LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    1. Yo La Tengo
    2. Pulp
    3. The Prodigy
    4. Nine Inch Nails

  6. 6. Which rock star did Courtney Love marry?

    Frank Micelotta / Getty

    1. Anthony Kiedis
    2. Kurt Cobain
    3. Steven Tyler
    4. Eddie Vedder

  7. 7. Who did this guy heroically fight against in the ’90s?

    Hulton Archive

    1. The shampoo industry
    2. TicketMaster
    3. His manager at the gas station
    4. THE MAN

  8. 8. Which lady singer was like “I WANT TO BE YOUR BLOWJOB QUEEN!!!!!”

    Vince Bucci / Getty

    1. Drew Barrymore
    2. Lisa Loeb
    3. Shirley Manson
    4. Liz Phair

  9. 9. What were the Beastie Boys’ names?


    1. MC Ravage, DJ Peanuts, and Adam X
    2. Cuppy, Dr. Dollarsign, and Vince Bloat
    3. MCA, Ad-Rock, and Mike D
    4. Mikey C, Phil Jackson, and Tuggy J

  10. 10. Which band was Gwen Stefani a member of back in the ’90s?

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    1. 311
    2. Veruca Salt
    3. No Doubt
    4. No Diggity

  11. 11. Which band was like “THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    1. The Smashing Pumpkins
    2. Sonic Youth
    3. Soul Asylum
    4. Stone Temple Pilots

  12. 12. Who were the enemies of Oasis?


    1. Blur
    2. Bush
    3. Rush
    4. Lush

  13. 13. Which band was like “DO YOU WANNNNA DIIIIEEE???”


    1. Sunny Day Real Estate
    2. Toadies
    3. Sponge
    4. Marilyn Manson

  14. 14. What did people think of Green Day when they first got big in the mid ’90s?

    Warner Bros.

    1. Wow, these guys are so good, they’re gonna be around forever!
    2. This is the most legit punk music since Fugazi!
    3. This is obviously a band who will one day headline arenas!
    4. These guys are total one-hit wonders.

  15. 15. What fruit did the Presidents of the United States of America like best?


    1. Lump
    2. <span class

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