This Handicapped Man Has Serious Guts. Talk About Living Life To The Fullest!

Think being in a wheelchair can keep your from doing a lot of fun things in life… like skydiving? Well, you’re wrong. Take a look at this guy and his journey from plane to ground and try not to be inspired to live life to the fullest.

Even though he’s more than a little nervous at first, once he and his skydiving instructor start cruising through the sky, you can just see the look of someone who’s enjoying their life. It’s really incredible to witness and I know that it will make you want to get out there and start really living, even if that doesn’t mean jumping out of a plane.

Getting all strapped in before going aboard the plane.

About to leave the plane. There’s no turning back now.

Not a bad view, huh?

I hope they remembered to use the bathroom earlier.

Wow. What an incredible feeling that must be.

I wonder what’s even go through their minds at this point.

They must feel like birds.

…Ones that haven’t quite mastered the whole flying thing.

Don’t forget to wave to the camera.

10/10 on the landing. Way to go!

(via joecool42069)

Whoa. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling inspired to go out and do something. Maybe I’ll get in a plane and then stay in that plane until it lands somewhere else. It’s not as enthralling as jumping out of an aircraft, but at least it’s something!

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