This Guy REALLY Wanted To Get Into This Pub, But His Shoes Didn’t Fit The Dress Code

Back in my college days, I was super committed to my favorite pub. I’d arrive early to get a seat on game days and stay late to keep the bartenders company. What this Irish guy did, though, deserves a round of applause.

Recently, Ruaírí Brannigan went to his favorite pub to get a drink, but there was one problem: His sandals weren’t up to dress code. So, Brannigan did what any logical person would do and bought the only pair of shoes he found in his size at a nearby shop. They happened to be women’s flats, but does that really matter when you need a drink?

An Sibin Irish Pub posted this picture of Brannigan in his brand-new shoes. I don’t know about you, but I think he looks absolutely fabulous!

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Cheers, Brannigan! We salute your dedication. Do you have a friend who would do anything for a drink? If so, be sure to share this hilarious story with them!

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