This Guy Made An Entire Shed Out Of Wooden Pallets — What?!

We’ve seen pallet beds, pallet wall art, pallet couches, but this time, Instructables user has taken the pallet game to the next level by actually using them to build a shed. If you’re a serious crafter, this is a project you absolutely need to see.

First, he gathered a bunch of pallets.

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He knew where he wanted to build, so he got to work framing things out with concrete blocks as a base.

Then it was pallet stacking time! Everything was held together with three-inch screws, bolts, nuts, and washers.

Eventually, he got to the point where he needed to cut the pallets into smaller pieces to fit the 10-by-10-foot frame.

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Thinking ahead, he made sure the front of his shed was higher than the back to ensure easy water drainage.

More pallets and some plywood made up the roof slats.

The roof was later covered with corrugated tin…and on went the doors!

After roughing out some windows, he used leftover pallet wood to cover the outside.

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Those windows? Plastic fluorescent light covers. Brilliant.

Isn’t she beautiful?

If you want to become a pallet master like this guy, check out the full instructions here.

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