This Guy Built A Simple (But Totally Awesome) Home Bar Right In His Basement

I’ve always wanted a personal bar, but sadly, I don’t have the money or building skills to produce one.

These things are incredibly expensive, and I have no faith that I’d ever be handy enough to make one myself. This design, however, might change my mind.

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When Redditor ImTheGerbilKing decided that he wanted his own bar, I’m sure he wasn’t feeling too confident about it either — not at first, anyway. But when he realized that it wasn’t all that difficult, he dove right in and created a personal bar that would make even the most accomplished professional jealous.

He wasn’t sure where to start, but luckily, he found a solid plan online.

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He began right away by building the frame.

The crafter used Simpson strong-tie hardware to make it nice and sturdy.

And thanks to the plan, attaching all of the pieces together was a breeze.

Next, he added wall panels to the frame using nails and wood glue.

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The added sections made it look professionally done.

Then came the fun part. With the help of some friends, he gathered as many bottle caps as he could find.

He began laying the caps out to cover the counter.

And everything fit really well. There were hardly any gaps.

The last addition was this beautiful trim.

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And after he stained the bar, it really came together.

The only thing left to do was to seal the design.

He mixed up some epoxy finish and coated the entire surface.

He did an incredible job. It’s as smooth as glass!

Can you believe how gorgeous this turned out?

ImTheGerbilKing says that this was his first big project, but I’m not sure I buy that. It’s way too amazing. If you want a home bar as awesome as this one, you can find the full instructions here.

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