This Gruesome Video Will Make You Never Want To Play Any Sport Ever Again — OMG

I’ve broken my arm before, but I’m very happy to say that I’ve never had to deal with a knee injury. This unlucky guy can’t say the same.

While 17-year-old Juan Carvajal was playing soccer at the Club de Muchachos Nueva Casarapa in Venezuela, he had the painful misfortune of dislocating his knee, an injury often caused by a fall, a high-speed impact, or a sudden change of direction when the leg is planted on the ground.

Kneecaps will sometimes pop back into place on their own, but in Carvajal’s case, emergency personnel had to get involved — and the whole excruciating process was recorded on video.

This is so hard to watch…but I just can’t look away.

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Yikes! I really don’t want to know how much that hurt. Be sure to share this story with others if you feel like you’ll never stop cringing!

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