This Girl Found The Best Way To Drop The L-Bomb In Her Relationship.

Relationships are tricky, and being the first one to say those three little words is always daunting. What if they don’t say it back? What if they say thank you? When this Imgur user realized she was falling in love with her partner, she understandably found herself too shy to say the words. So she decided to try a literal approach.

Who needs words when you can make an mind-blowing impact like this?

First she sketched out her idea based on the Superclarendon font type.

Then she used cardboard to construct the 3D version.

She left a hole at the top to add some extra flare later…

Then she made a bomb — a smoke bomb that she found instructions for online.

And packed it into the whole, using magnesium ribbon for a wick.

Then she covered the whole thing in electrical tape.

And painted it read with acrylic paint.

Then accented it with orange on the sides.

Next came the box: she traced the letter into foam making sure to leave room for the wick.

Cut it out…

Then covered it with satin.

Perfect fit!

The result: a literal L-bomb!

(via Elite Daily.)

If you’re wondering, her partner responded with a more subtle, “I love you too!” Love is an amazing part of life and when you feel it, say it (even if you just make a smoke bomb instead).

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