This Girl Fell Flat On Her Face During A Race. And I Still Can’t Believe What Happened Next.

We’re often told that it’s not about how we fall in life, it’s whether we get back up and keep fighting. Because everyone will stumble from time to time, and it’s those who preserve through the trials and tribulations that have the success so many of us crave. But as we all know, it can be truly hard to rise up again after falling so hard; and it may even seem impossible. I guess that’s why life is so hard. It separates those who truly want something, from those that don’t. That’s why this young girl by all accounts should have just given up. After all, when competing against the best athletes in the country, there’s no margin for error, especially the kind she makes. But what happened instead serves as an example to us all.


Well if that isn’t a shot in the arm to go out and reach for the impossible, I don’t know what is. Please share with a friend who may have stumbled in the past, and needs your support to get back on the winning path.

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