This Genius Figured Out How To Repurpose A Paper Bag Into Something Awesome.

As if you needed ANOTHER reason to love Starbucks, Taiwanese designer Mr. Zhou has come up with one of the most unique ways we’ve ever seen to always have your favorite brand on hand. Because if you really need your coffee fix, and can’t imaging your world with the coffee giants of coffee giants, you’ll always be happy… and properly caffeinated!

Starting with a standard Starbucks bag, you’ll surely be excited to get this project going.

All you need is a pen knife, double-sided adhesive tape and of course, a Starbucks paper bag. With some cutting and folding, a totally awesome product will be completed in about 30 steps.

Flatten the bag, then cut the it into five pieces according to the creases that shape it. Then fold the bottom portion over.

Take the borders that should be sticking out, and use double sided tape. Then carefully insert the border flaps into the sides.

See where we’re going?…

Yay! You made it to the end, sans coffee. Just a coffee WALLET.

(via Design Taxi)

To take a full swing at this product, check out this website description. If you do know, you KNOW people will stop and ask you were to buy. Hmm.. that sounds like a nice business idea!

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