This Dog Was Hit By A Car And Spent Hours Waiting For Help, But Look At Her Now!

Stray dogs are hit by cars all the time, and if it weren’t for dedicated rescuers, many of them wouldn’t get the help they need.

My own rescue pup was hit by a car, shattering both of his front legs. Without the help of a generous veterinarian, he wouldn’t be the jumpy, happy guy he is today.

A dog named Nutmeg who lives in Alberta, Canada, has amazing rescuers to thank for saving her after a hit-and-run left her alone in a ditch with a broken pelvis.

Nutmeg was just seven months old when she was struck by a car and forced to wait in the snow to be saved.

Some teenagers saw her and called for help, but because Nutmeg’s body heat melted the snow around her and made her sink down, it was difficult for rescuers to locate her.

Eventually they did find her, and they got her to an emergency veterinarian who set her broken pelvis and put her on pain medication.

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