This Cow Thinks She’s Just One Of The House Pets Her Antics Are Just The Cutest

This is an adult female Brahman. They can grow up to be 1,500 pounds and as tall as six feet. This is not an animal you’d want or expect to see in your house, right?

But that’s exactly the stunt that Beryl the Brahman pulled!

Raised with two dogs, the not-yet-full-grown cow thinks she’s a house pet…so much so that one day, she actually snuck into her owner’s home and took up residence in the living room.

Imagine the surprise when her owner walked in and caught Beryl relaxing on the cozy carpet!

Beryl the cow was raised on a farm with two dog companions. Because of this, she has gotten used to the house-pet life.

She’s constantly looking for ways to get inside her family’s house, even though she knows that she belongs outdoors.

Then, one day, her owner Sally Webster walked into the living room to find Beryl, patiently waiting for her.

Beryl was amazingly well-behaved. She didn’t break anything and there was no mess. She was just lying down on the living room carpet, chillin’.

Webster says that Beryl is smart and whenever she sees an open door to the house, she’ll most likely sneak in. But nothing prepared her for seeing the big girl making herself at home in the living room.

Her owner attributes Beryl’s behavior to being raised with two dogs and being given a blanket when she was just a calf. That would explain her fondness for carpets and the indoors.

But soon, Beryl will have to learn that she’s an outside animal. That doesn’t mean her loving family won’t visit her!

(via The Dodo)

Beryl is such a cutie and, hopefully, she gets all the loving that she needs…outside of the house. It won’t be long before it’s pretty tough for her to squeeze into those rooms!

You can watch the cutie grow big and strong via her Facebook page.

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