This Couple Did Not Expect To Share A Coke With A Spider. Ewwww.

Warning: This story might make you never want to drink Coca Cola again.

A British couple, Amanda Barr and Steve Knight, recently sat down to enjoy a meal and a couple of glasses of the classic cola only to discover something horrific lurking in their bottle of the bubbly beverage: a huge, disgusting spider.

They explained to Metro that this was their first time pouring from this bottle and that they store their glasses upside down, so the creepy crawly definitely didn’t come from their cupboard.

The couple purchased the bottle at their local Iceland supermarket.


Probably not the 50% more they were hoping for with the 3-liter purchase deal.


Amanda claims it doesn’t look like any British spider she’s ever seen. Over two inches long, yikes!


(via BuzzFeed.)

Spokesmen for the soda company have assured the couple they will look very closely into the matter, but I’m sure they’ve lost at least two customers for life. After seeing this, I probably won’t be picking it up any time soon, either. 

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