This Chef Was Just Frying Fish When He Did Something Totally Crazy

Prem Kumar attracts thousands of customers to his seafood restaurant in New Delhi, India, every day. While I’m sure the food tastes great, there’s something else that draws tourists and townspeople to this local haunt, and it has to do with the way he fries fish.

If that were all, though, perhaps Mr. Kumar wouldn’t be so special. After all, he’s not the first person to showcase this incredible skill. But when you discover how he accomplishes the feat, you’ll be shocked to find out that you can probably do it, too…if you dare.


Kumar has science to thank for his amazing talent, since this technique is an example of the Leidenfrost effect. By submerging your hands in cold water just before placing them into boiling liquid, you can protect them from the scorching temperatures for a moment. The cold water turns into steam when it comes into contact with hot liquid, creating a protective barrier between your hand and the intense heat.

But don’t let this secret detract from the magic of Kumar’s skill! Because you know as well as I do that not even science could encourage us to dip our hands into a boiling-hot fryer.

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