This Campaign Will Inspire You To Love Yourself In A Whole New Way

Too often, we allow the idea of perfection to seep into our minds and convince us that because we have a few imperfections (or maybe more than a few), we are less worthy of happiness. PLUMP, a body-positive lifestyle magazine based in the Philippines, is encouraging women around the world to shift their focus and own their so-called flaws.

Their campaign is called #IAMFLAWSOME. Flawsome, a term coined by author Meredith Marple, means one who simply embraces what the world tells us are our flaws and know that we’re awesome anyway! In fact, she points out, they make each us the beautiful, unique individuals we’ve grown to become.

To demonstrate, they invited a group of women to pose for a stripped-down photo series and discuss the moments in their lives when they decided to stop letting their insecurities get in the way of enjoying life.

Minxie, a 26-year-old customer care executive.

“Some consider my brown skin and inks as my flaws. For me, they are not. I inherited the color of my skin from my parents, and I love them.”

“I realized that people cannot make me feel bad about who I am without my consent.”

Precious, a 26-year-old teacher and entrepreneur.

“I have a rare skin condition called vitiligo, it is an autoimmune disorder in which my immune system kills the melanocytes that produce dark-colored pigment in the skin.”

“Everyone is flawed, mine is just more obvious than others.”

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Elora, a 21-year-old business development officer.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t really know I had flaws until I was exposed to ‘more beautiful’ people who weren’t family.”

“I never try to hide my marks. They make me Elora. They make me the beautiful girl that I know I am.”

Steph, a 30-year-old development worker.

“While my girl friends were developing a more voluptuous womanly body, I was stuck with my boyish frame.”

“Acknowledging that society (and myself) has screwed-up, superficial, inconsistent requirements makes me find true solace in the eternal, logical, firm, loving standards that God provides.”

You can read more amazing stories from strong, beautiful women in PLUMP‘s article and follow along (and join in!) for more of the awesome campaign on their Instagram.

The next time you’re staring in the mirror and criticizing yourself for every little blemish, standing on a scale and wishing the number were different, or otherwise trying to force yourself to fit into an unattainable idea of perfection, take a breath and remember: you are flawsome.

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