This Baby Owl And Pretty Cat Have The Cutest Odd Couple Friendship Ever.

Brazillian biologist André Costa sometimes brings his work home with him (when you see what that work is, you’ll understand why). The animal lover brought together two animals who we usually assume to be natural enemies and instead discovered an unlikely friendship.

Cleo and Forbi, a cat and owl, are nothing like their Sylvester and Tweety Bird predecessors. 

It’s been love at first sight since the two first met years ago…

And is still going strong today.

Costa explained on his Facebook that he hopes their friendship inspires others to be kind to animals.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by this much adorable??

Check out all the cuteness in this clip:


(H/T: 22 Words.)

They may seem like an odd couple to us, but that just goes to prove how love is so much more than skin deep.

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