They Took An Old Suitcase And Turned It Into Something Awesome For Their Cat

As an avid traveler, I pride myself on packing light. Because of that, very rarely do I ever need a suitcase.

But I have so many old ones just taking up space in my basement.

Up until today, I had no idea what to do with them! Thanks to Instructables user , if you have a pet and an old suitcase, you can make an adorable bed with it for your fur baby. Check it out!

Naturally, you’re going to need an old suitcase…this one had clearly seen better days.

You’ll also need angle brackets, screws, and nuts.

You can either take the stuffing from an old pillow or buy some new batting.

Pjkumpon chose one fabric for the suitcase’s new upholstery and another for the cushion.

If your suitcase is very old, you can remove the upholstery with an angle grinder.

Then it was time to add some cute legs.

After measuring and cutting out the upholstery fabric, it was time to really get to work.

By painting small sections with glue, you can stick the fabric to the suitcase.

This was a long process but went much faster when they employed the help of a hot glue gun.

Some very high-tech clamps ensured that everything dried properly.

How fun does this look?!

Now it’s time for the cushion — measure out how much batting you’ll need.

Then, wrap the stuffing with the fabric and secure with pins. You can also sew up the seams.

But every good bed needs a headboard, right?

And you don’t want the thing closing on your kitten…

So they added some angle brackets, marking out where the screws would go.

They pre-drilled the holes.

All set!

Now all that was left was an added embellishment — some family photos!

What a cute bed!

I think someone is pretty fond of it.

If you’re itching for more fun suitcase DIY ideas, check this minibar project out!

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