They Thought They Were Pregnant — Then Doctors Told Her She Had To Deliver A Tumor

Alice Hall had only been with her boyfriend, Christopher Tolles, for nine months when a bout with morning sickness forced the woman to take a pregnancy test.

Although initially shocked when the test read positive, the couple was soon thrilled to discover that Hall was nearly four weeks along. As Hall and Tolles began to prepare themselves for the joys of being parents, Hall began bleeding uncontrollably and was rushed to a local hospital for tests. The excited mother-to-be was told she had suffered a miscarriage, but after a second pregnancy test and an increase of hormones, she learned that she was still carrying what she thought was a baby.

A week after her last health scare, Hall returned to the hospital where doctors discovered severe swelling in the woman’s womb, which has caused her to lose her baby.

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When she began bleeding again, doctors performed a ERPC to remove the pregnancy tissue from her womb. Days after the procedure, Hall’s hormones continued to fluctuate as though she was still pregnant.

Unsure of what was going on inside her body, doctors referred her to Charing Cross Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a rare disease known as gestational tropho-blastic neoplasia (GTN) which had caused a tumor to grow inside her uterus.

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