They Never Gave Up. Now They Get To See Their Daughter For The First Time In Years!

If you’re a parent, I’m sure that when it comes to your children, you’d do anything for them.

Not many things are stronger than the bond between parent and child — even if the child in question doesn’t share your blood, or even live in the same country.

Tom and Whitney Blaszak know that all too well. After going on a mission trip to Ethiopia and meeting an adorable six-year-old orphan named Tigest, they knew they had to make her a part of the family. Even though it took four years and three adoption agencies to make that dream a reality, they never gave up on bringing their daughter home. You’re about to witness their amazing reunion.

I’m so happy that they kept fighting for her.


It’s so amazing how their perseverance helped them find their Hope. I’m not the only one doing a happy dance for this family, right?

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