They Had No Idea How Their Old Dog Would React To The New Kitten. Then THIS Happened.

It’s crazy how cute this is. Imagine being the sole dog in the house. You’re big for your breed, and have no problem having your way among other dogs smaller than you. For years you are master of your domain, and have the full attention of your master. Then one day, you wake up to find an intruder in your home.  You can hear it making noise in the other room. Moving around like it owns the place. Knowing that it’s your job to protect the house, despite your age, you bound into the room. But when you get there, you find something you didn’t expect…a new furry friend!

Meet Dempsey the dog, and Rufus the rescue!

In this house, Dempsey has taking a liking to this little kitten.

He looks out for Rufus…

And even has his back if he gets in a tussle with other kittens!

Seems to me like the puuurfect best friend.

I just wish mine were such great friends.

When Rufus first showed up, who knew if this old dog could learn a new “trick”? Well I’m sure glad we got to see the heartmelting result! Source: Reddit)

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