They Found This Unloved Air Hockey Table And Transformed It In The Most Epic Way

Just like the clothes we wear, toys come and go in our lives. But unlike that old pair of jeans you’ll donate to Goodwill, worn teddy bears and game boards tend to have staying power. If you’d love to find a way to repurpose them, and maybe get a few more useful years, pay attention.

Check out how one family took an old air hockey table and transformed it into something incredible for the kids…

Redditor SweetMamaKaty had this unloved table wasting space in their basement…but you may be able to get one off of Craigslist.

First, they unscrewed the legs from the base, sawed them shorter so their kids could reach the top, and reattached them.

They then covered up all of the air holes and both goals using a simple drywall compound.

After sanding down the top, they applied drywall tape and painted the sides bright blue.

Looks pretty good so far!

Finally, it was time for the real deal…the design! They began painting grass and rivers…

Trees and bushes…

They added little details where necessary.

The final result is a tabletop that looks mighty impressive, especially when you learn what it’s used for!

What a cool train town.

(source Reddit)

Still in use three years later, this family’s air hockey table turned train track has been a big hit with the kids. This just proves that the toys of our past can have a whole other life in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work and make something incredible!

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