These Personalized Proposal Flipbooks Are Beyond Cool

There’s even a hidden ring compartment!

1. If you’re looking for a meaningful and creative way to propose to your beloved, you can now turn the story of your relationship into a memorable flipbook!

Flipbook artist Ben Zurawski of The Flippist makes personalized cartoon flipbooks starting at $395. “Each book takes me about 1-2 weeks to complete, but I usually request a minimum 6-8 weeks notice so I can make time for it,” Zurawski (who make them all himself) tells BuzzFeed Life.

2. To make the perfect book, Zurawski asks for photo references.

“If the story takes place over a longer span of time, I will request old photos so I can show hair changes, new glasses, things like that,” he says. “I also ask for links to certain outfits they might wear.”

3. Take Rodney, Lex, and their dog Dory, for example.

Rodney and Lex

Before proposing to Lex, Rodney had a flipbook made (complete with a hidden ring compartment).

4. Their flipbook features a lot of personal little details.

Even Dory makes an appearance!

5. When Dory returns with what you think is a ball…

The suspense is building…

6. It turns out to be a ring.

How cute?!

7. Here’s the full effect.

Such an awesome idea.

8. And the options are endless. Like if your beloved is a biker…

Animate a beach ride proposal.

9. Or if you met at a coffee shop…

Wow them with this little gem.

10. Whatever you choose, they’ll be sure to love it.

Smiles all around!

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