These People Were Saved From Their Horrible Tattoos. Thank Goodness!

Tattoos aren’t something that people should take lightly (but unfortunately do). That’s because tattoos are, basically, permanent. Unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars to get them removed, the ink you had injected into your skin is there for good. Ever get a tattoo, but regretted it after a few years?  These people certainly did. Whether it be the name of a former lover, or just a really awfully drawn tattoo, check out how these people corrected their less than stellar tattoos. Some of these cover-ups would take serious talent.

That’s much more impressive.

I think that did her more justice.

Well, that’s a fancy dinosaur!

She looks like a million bucks!

Forget about Isaac, it’s all about the jewels.

Watch out! There’s a spider on…oh. It’s just your tat. I knew that.

That surely is miraculous.

She must have cried a river over Justin.

The Caped Crusader always makes things better.

That wolf had me howling!

They must’ve kicked him out of the tribe.

Yea, why would you get that tattoo in the first place?

That tattoo was for the birds!

Oh Canada!

Welcome to the Dark Side

I don’t know who has this tattoo, but I want to party with them.

If you hate the tattoo you got when you were young and stupid, there are amazing ways you can update it instead of removing it. The artists responsible for these tat-fixes are absolutely amazing. Share their work by clicking on the button below.

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