These Old Russian Monuments Are So Creepy. What Were They Thinking?

Nowadays, it’s almost to believe that the Soviet Union used to be a thing. For a lot of people, the Cold War is not much more than a chapter in a history book. 20 years is a long time, and memories fade fast. Something that doesn’t fade so fast however, is architecture. 

One thing that the Soviets were really good at was building were creepy-as-hell monuments. Those monuments are still around, but most of them are abandoned and decaying. Which probably only adds to the creepiness. 

Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Buzludzha Communist Party Headquarters, Bulgaria.

Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria in the city of Shumen.

Varna, Bulgaria.

Zimnitsa, Bulgaria.

Kadinjača, Serbia.

Area outside Buzludzha, Bulgari.

Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Nikšić, Montenegro.

Kosmaj, Serbia.

Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ostra, Romania.

Petrova Gora, Croatia.

Jasenovac, Croatia.

Kruševo, Macedonia.

(H/T: All That’s Interesting)

Makes you wonder about life in the Soviet Union if these were considered cheerful and inviting. (This is exactly why most people are nervous about vacationing in Russia.) Share these weird decaying monuments with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.

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