These #IRSScandalMovies are perfect for your viewing pleasure!/MoviePaul/status/480798339902889984

The latest twists and turns of the IRS scandal have been begging for a hashtag full of mockery. So without further ado, we give you #IRSScandalMovies.!/amandacarpenter/status/480795835920564228!/Al_Gorelioni/status/480794894475464704!/HoneyBeeWarrior/status/480795465386979329!/JonathanRyrie1/status/480795421800153088!/jperk1/status/480793466125815808!/AmericanGypsea/status/480790227305254913!/bhewing1/status/480797169578807297!/TJMitchJohnson/status/480798224349806592!/lorihoeksema/status/480798805747830784!/lois_rogers/status/480742154290348033!/sdrew66/status/480741319372185600


Ouch! This brutal nutshelling of Washington DC and IRS is perfect

‘Wow’: As IRS boss refuses to apologize, US reps, Katie Pavlich give him well-deserved hell

‘BS with capital letters!’ How to put ‘lost’ Lerner emails in crushing perspective? Like this

Heh: Pat Sajak’s take on the ‘lost’ IRS emails is a winner

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: IRS testified that Lois Lerner’s emails were archived 

‘PHONY SCANDAL ALERT!’ Disbelief after IRS claims Lois Lerner emails have been ‘lost’

So, what happened to those ‘lost’ Lois Lerner emails? Here’s one idea

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