These Idiots Need To Get Off Of The Internet. Pretty Please?

Nowadays, it appears the Internet is just as much about sharing information as it is people neglecting to use that information. Actually, it even seems there are a lot of people who are just intent on saying very stupid things on social media. There was a time when I would engage in debate with the stupid people on my own Facebook, but now? I just sit back and watch them fail.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some of the dumbest things ever said on the Internet.

1.) This time wizard has better understanding of the fourth dimension than us.

2.) At least someone paid attention in school.

3.) But what if it was a really good fan?

4.) I wonder if she also mistakes rooms for elevators.

5.) Caitlin, the bird expert.

6.) If only he would release his birth certificate.

7.) I guess this person took the escalator to get up?

8.) This person missed the YouTube auditions.

9.) Oh no, not that Willy Wonka…I mean Willy Wonka the computer engineer.

10.) Wait what country did she think New York was in? Canada? *shudders*

11.) Yup and the Atlantic isn’t water, it’s an ocean. #GetYoFactsStraight

12.) Yes, because babies must take turns in the womb. This is how life works.

13.) To the lucky guy taking Sharon to prom, maybe load up the prom photos on your computer?

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