These Hidden Messages Are Going To Be Brilliant Some Day. But It Might Not Be For A While…

This is a neat surprise most people wouldn’t think to do, but hopefully this inspires others. While renovating his home, this Reddit user decided to leave a special surprise for the next people who bought in his house. Before putting in new floorboards, he decided to leave some hidden messages scattered throughout the room. It might take years for someone else to find this, but when they do, it’s going to make for an amazing surprise.

Each message was like a mini time capsule.

They described current world events and pop culture.

These could be discovered decades from now (I wonder how much the next owner will pay for this house).

Who knows what the world will look like when these are being read?

What an incredible surprise for the next homeowners.

Some stranger in the future just had their day made.

The next time you do some renovations on your own home, make sure to start leaving little surprises hidden under floorboards and behind walls. You’ll never know whose day you’ll make in the future. Source: Reddit What an awesome idea! Please share it with others by clicking on the button below.

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