These Grammar Sticklers Tried To Correct Someone, But Failed Even Harder. OMG.

Ever since the Internet has been around, everyone’s grammar has been slipping. Although anyone can catch your simple mistakes (and then ridicule you for them), people just seem to care less. Once texting was invented, we all pretty much gave up. However, there are some sticklers out there still trying to fight the good fight for proper syntax, spelling, and structure.

Except most of them don’t know what they’re talking about. It may be time for us to all go back to school. Sheesh.

1.) Third time’s the charm.

2.) Pick your battles wisely.

3.) The student becomes the teacher… then right back to the student.

4.) Don’t mess with Stefan.

5.) She must be giggling at herself a lot.

6.) Do you know how to spell irony?

7.) This is an account specifically for checking grammar… Fail.

8.) Sheridan: zero, Summers: hero.

9.) At least she understands her own mistakes.

10.) Nice try, but *they’re both wrong.

11.) It definitely has *its benefits, but this guy wouldn’t know it.

12.) Whoops, grammar forgot how to spell its own name.

13.) That… That’s exactly what she said?

14.) Actually, swines probably know more about commas than this guy.

15.) She fails, but he fails harder at attempting to teach her *grammar.

(H/T: BuzzFeed.)

When will this vicious circle end? Maybe we should just give up and start all over again with a whole new language. Parlez-vous français?

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