These Creepy-Crawlies Might Startle You, But Take A Closer Look

We get that insects and other crawling beasties might not be your favorites. But when they’re made by hand out of glass, they become infinitely more charming. And that’s why we love the work of Nikita Drachuk, who runs Glass Symphony over on Etsy.

The shop sells these adorable, lifelike figurines.

They’re the right amount of creepy-crawly, but they’ll stay put on your shelf.

And if spiders and insects are still too creepy for you, even in glass form, there are plenty of other critters to choose from.

Drachuk uses a technique called lampworking to create his animals.

It involves heating rods of colored glass until they become soft and malleable. Then, using a variety of tools, he bends, stretches, and molds the glass into any shape.

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And we do mean any shape.

Differently colored glasses are also used to create stunning patterns and textures.

They’re even more impressive when you consider that most of Drachuk’s pieces are only about two inches long.

And this little rat is even smaller, not counting the tail.

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But they don’t have to be complex to be impressive.

(via Colossal)

You can see much more of Drachuk’s work on his Etsy shop, and maybe even pick up a critter of your own!

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