These Animals Are Extremely Colorful, And Extremely Weird, Mutants. Check Them Out.

Personally, I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a neon orange human. Now, I know that’s never going to happen. (That kind of thing is impossible right?) Strange color mutations and variations is actually possible for many creatures. In the animal kingdom, genetic mutations that result in pigment changes are actually fairly common. These changes can be subtle, or really drastic. Pink elephants anyone? Here are 27 of our favorites:

1.) Pink baby elephant. This may actually be the cutest thing ever.

2.) Black squirrel.

3.) A piebald deer. A piebald animal has white and brown patches rather than fur of a single color due to a genetic variation.

4.) Half albino peacock.

5.) Pink dragon fly, what?!

6.) “My camouflage is so awesome. They have no idea I’m here. Hehehe.”

7.) Piebald bunny.

8.) A golden mongoose. Also the greatest name for a metal band, ever.

9.) Hello Mr. Piebald Squirrel.

10.) Pure gold.

11.) Wow.

12.) Albino gorilla.

13.) Moose, piebald style.

14.) That coloring only makes this python that much more terrifying.

15.) Sweet paint job, bro.

16.) Tiger family with different colorations.

17.) Erythristic black backed jackal. Erythrism is a genetic condition that turns an animal’s fur an unusual reddish pigmentation.

18.) A chimera cat. A chimera in genetics is when the cells from two distinct eggs in the womb merge together to create one total offspring.

19.) Looking good.

20.) Nice contrasting colors.

21.) Chimera dog.

22.) Crazy zebra strip pattern.

23.) A very rare cheetah without spots.

24.) Pink grasshopper.

25.) Polly want to be more colorful?

26.) Erythristic baby zebra.

27.) Badger with his erythristic badger friend.

I really really like that pink elephant. BONUS! In case you like weird animals (and not just oddly colored animals), check out what else we found:

1.) Gobi Jerboa

Look at those legs!

2.) Giant Soft Shelled Turtle

3.) Yeti Crab.

4.) Sunda Colugo

5.) Lamprey. This is also terrifying.

6.) The Gerenuk.

“Sup bro?”

7.) Irrawaddy Dolphin

8.) Tufted Deer

9.) The Maned Wolf

I can’t even believe some of these are real. See what your friends think of these animals by clicking below to share on Facebook.

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