These 7 Inventions Are So Simple, But Will Have A Massive Impact On Your Life.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most in life. That was obviously the mindset behind these inventions that might seem small, but pack a mighty punch. Think about the most annoying thing you encounter every day. Over time, you’ll spend minutes, hours, days and even weeks dealing with it. 

But not anymore.

All of these genius inventions make life better, and for some even saves lives. Why aren’t these readily available everywhere?

1.) Swipe a section of your skin with this marker before heading outside and it will change hue when you need to apply more sunscreen.

2.) This machine was designed for peanut farmers in Africa, making the deshelling process 100 times easier and more efficient.

3.) Taking care of elderly or bedridden family members can be difficult, especially when it comes to moving them. This Flipod inflates to gently help those in need sit up.

4.) This Infinity Bakery oven runs on solar energy and helps developing communities maintain their daily life without expensive and dangerous fuels.

5.) This little piece of plastic, Bump Mark, takes all the guess work out of figuring out if food has gone bad or not. Way more trustworthy than those printed dates you can hardly read!

6.) Life saving incubators can run up to $50,000, which is a hefty price for a refugee camp. These MOM Incubators run on nearly any power source.

7.) Over 1 million people go without electricity all over the world, but this lightweight, floating hydroelectric turbine changes that for people living close to bodies of water.

(via Gizmodo.)

The next time you’re faced with a problem, try thinking small. Hopefully these inventions (and more like them) will soon be widely available. People can make the world a better and more awesome place one step at a time.

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