These 7 Ghost Children Are The Creepiest Kids Since The Girl From The Ring.

Believers say that ghosts are formed because the spirit of the victim still has some unfinished business on Earth. Maybe this is why there are so many stories about ghost stories surrounding a child’s passing… there was so much they had yet to experience. The death of a child is tragic, no matter how you look at it.

Here are some truly haunting stories of ghost children who may never pass over to the other side. They’re truly haunting:

1.) In the 1940s at a railroad crossing by San Antonio, a school bus full of kids was hit by an oncoming train, killing them all. To this day, there have been paranormal reports of the school children appearing and pushing cars away from the tracks.

2.) In the Chicago suburbs there is a creepy building that was once a school called “Lindbergh.” At one point, it was converted into a private residence. There, a boy brutally murdered his parents with a knife. Ever since then, residents have been claiming to see the boy sharpening his knife or roaming the surrounding forests.

3.) The Haywood Plunge is a notorious creek in Haywood, CA, where a swim coach led his students and left them there all night. When he returned, he killed them all and left their bodies amongst the rocks. Those who walk the trail say they experience mini-rockslides and the sounds of children pleading.

4.) The Metz Elementary school was established in 1916. When workers attempted to tear it down, the spirits there got in their way. Their equipment would constantly stall and invisible laughing children could be heard throughout the school. They eventually had to call in a priest to perform an exorcism before tearing it down.

5.) Fifteen year-old Thelma Taylor was waiting for a bus in 1949 by Cathedral Park in Portland when she was kidnapped and murdered. Her ghost is said to haunt the park and night-time visitors claim to hear her fearful screams.

6.) Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama. For some reason, there is a playground inside its gates. Supposedly, ghost children play here, moving the swings with their ghostly fingers and laughing ghostly laughs until the dawn.

7.) Supposedly, a boy died while filming scenes for the movie “Three Men And A Baby”. Some say the child in the window shown very briefly in this scene is that boy.

It’s hard to say if these tragic ghost stories are real. With the haunting accounts of how these children died? It’s not difficult to believe. Share these strange and sad ghost stories with others by clicking on the button below.

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