These 40 Mugshots Will Haunt Your Dreams For Years. The Last One Especially… OMG.

We should never judge others based on looks alone, but this collection of mugshots that this Reddit user found could give any person pause (and maybe a very small heart attack). These criminals are some of the most unique individuals I have ever seen. I know that I’ll never forget their faces, especially since I’ll be having nightmares about them. Wait, are those horns???

1. Someone dove head-first into some barbed wire, it seems.

2. Ouch. Teeth. Ouch.

3. Oh, Mikey.

4. Is that… a beekeeper’s mask?

5. … woah.

6. There’s such a thing as “too many.”

7. I have a feeling that’s not a NICE guy.

8. Who needs eyebrows when you have scary tattoos?

9. I think this is just impressive.

10. He may want to see a doctor about that nose…

11. Sad mimes are the worst mimes.

12. This just screams “I’m in pain.”

13. I have a feeling he didn’t remember getting arrested.

14. This American pirate loves Chevy trucks.

15. He’s had a rough day. Or few years.

16. Yikes, girl.

17. It’s hard to tell what’s going on here, but it looks painful.

18. I’m almost 99% positive that’s a dress.

19. This man may or may not be high.

20. OW. OW. OW.

21. No one should alter their tongue. Ever.

22. I want to give this guy a hug.

23. She doesn’t look pleased to be getting her picture taken…

24. This may be what happens when you get pepper sprayed.


26. A doctor might want to look at his throat sometime soon.

27. This is nightmare fuel.

28. He looks way too happy to have a hematoma like that on his forehead.

29. I have a feeling she was not pleased about this.

30. It’s amazing he could even sit up for this.

31. Yep. Those ARE horns.

32. He’s not too upset about getting arrested, is he?

33. Uhhh….

34. Well, that is an interesting choice of haircut.

35. If he was looking to shock me… it worked.

36. Why isn’t this girl at the hospital?!

37. OH HAI!

38. I thought those were rubber bands at first. They aren’t.

39. Tat City, USA.

40. How does this even happen???

Well there you have it, folks. If you have sub-dermal implants to look like horns, cover yourself with satanic tattoos AND are high on cocaine, cops will probably automatically assume you’re guilty. It may not be fair, but you’re not really doing yourself any favors.

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