These 31 Chairs Will Make You Rethink Every Decision You’ve Ever Made For Your Butt.

It’s time to step up your seat game, guys. Why settle for boring, four legged rump-resters when you could have one that looks like an amazing sea creature? Or maybe you’d prefer one that plays tricks on everyone’s eyes. How about some upcycled style for ya? While I can’t speak to their comfort level, I can say without a doubt that these are the coolest chairs you’ll ever see. I need #11 in my life yesterday.

1. Animal Chairs

2. The Skull Chair

3. The Cut Chair

4. Suitcase Chairs

5. Coffee Chairs

6. Hybrid Chairs

7. The Ghost Chair

8. The Inception Chair

9. The Prickly Chair

10. Lathe Chairs

11. The Hollow Chair

12. The Pink Chair

13. Skull Armchair

14. The Samurai Chair

15. The Quiet Chair

16. Customized Panton Chair

17. The Peacock Chair

18. Quartz Armchair

19. Magica Chairs

20. Spike Chairs

21. The Layers Cloud Chair

22. The Fadeout Chair

23. The Bloom Chair

24. (Another) Ghost Chair

25. The Millipede Chair

26. The Splash Chair

27. The ReLegs Chair

28. The Democracy Rules Chair

29. The Flip Chair

30. The All In One Chair

The Chair Inside A Chair

(via Bored Panda and Demilked.) Can we get all of these in our office? Eh, boss? Share the sweet styles with your friends using the button below!

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