These 28 Kids Took Being Bad To A Brand New Level Of Insanity. OMG!

If you are going by what people post to Facebook and Twitter, all children are glorious angels that just say the sweetest things to their parents. According to their parents’ Facebook pages, these kids are considerate, bring them breakfast in bed and would never do anything wrong. … unfortunately, that’s just a big, fat lie. As wonderful as children are, sometimes they’re a little less than innocent. In fact, sometimes they can be downright naughty.

1.) Can you say… “oops?”

2.) SURPRISE! I’ve made a mess for you.

3.) Remember… they don’t feel regret.

4.) Other parents will judge you for this, and it’ll make her LOL.

5.) Keeping a bathroom clean is child’s play.

6.) Oh, did you LIKE these pillows?

7.) I hope you didn’t want to make a phone call.

8.) You mess with the bull, you get the peanut butter.

9.) People don’t really NEED to use laptops, do they?

10.) When your back is turned, she’ll go crazy.

11.) I’m SO over Christmas.

12.) Never let your mother shop. Never.

13.) Have a problem with this? HMM?

14.) Arts, crafts and making life hellish.

15.) Some people learn passive aggression at a young age.

16.) If anyone asks, he’ll just say he was helping mommy.

17.) Never leave your child alone with furniture.

18.) Now that’s a girl that knows what she wants.

19.) She ACTED like it was an accident. Of course she did.

20.) If you give a child a bean bag, they’ll give you hell.

21.) He just wanted to check on his dad… and make sure he wasn’t sleeping.

22.) He knew you wanted to watch Game of Thrones. He KNEW.

23.) She just wanted to drink tea. He didn’t approve.

24.) Hugs are for losers.

25.) … you’d better keep an eye on this kid.

26.) Things get serious when your daughter taunts you.

27.) You remember this, mom and dad.

28.) He was riding there. No big deal.

29.) This is what you get for giving your kid a time out.

I’m not saying these kids are terrifying and delight in making our lives miserable, but I’m not saying they aren’t doing that, either. These kids are jerks. Share their shenanigans with others by clicking on the link below.

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