These 25 People Won So Hard At Life You Can’t Help But Tip Your Hat. #15 Though… LOLOL.

Not everyone win at life. It’s a sad fact, but one people must accept. Sometimes, there are people in the world that win so hard at life, they stop everyone else from having even minor victories. Instead of finding extra french fries at the bottom of their fast food bag, they find $100 bills. Take these people for example. They just pulled off epic wins so incredible, they may never top it in life. Talk about pressure (and #WINNING).

1.) Oh, you’re going to pan to the audience? PERFECT.

2.) Disaster imminent? Nah.

3.) This dog knows what’s UP.

4.) Just dunking, no big deal.

5.) This guy can turn into a chair. You’re welcome.

6.) This is how you REALLY hockey.

7.) Walking down the stairs takes too much time.

8.) She just took cheerleading up a notch.

9.) Troll cat is winning.

10.) This is what a close call looks like.

11.) Normal bowling is just too boring.

12.) Protesting for the WIN.

13.) This is a hero among heroes.

14.) Epic recovery, kid.


16.) Because gymnastics wasn’t hard enough.

17.) Even putting on clothes can be cool.

18.) Cone of shame? More like cone of awesome.

19.) This kid is going places.

20.) Juggling or eating… why not do both?

21.) Don’t. Mess. With. Her.

22.) No one has a better reaction than this kid.

23.) PSYCHE.

24.) Double-psyche!

25.) Oh look, a truck! Let me ramp off of it.

(H/T Ebaumsworld) It just doesn’t get any better than narrowly avoiding disaster and then coming out so far on top, you look like some kind of mind-reading, incredible wizard. Share these people’s awesome victories and cross your fingers some day in the future you can nail it like they did.

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