These 25 Heart-Melting, Soul-Lifting, Faith-Restoring, World-Conquering Pictures Are Simply The Best.

We all need a good hug every now and again, and that goes for every creature on Earth. Big or small, we all crave physical contact. Here are 25 examples of animals sharing some love with a good old-fashioned hug:

1) “Jeeez, Ma, I’m just going to school. Maaaaaa… all the guys are watching…”

2) Silly foal, horses can’t ride other horses.

3) That looks like some magical land right out of a fairy tale.

4) This sweet hug won’t be the cause of any pandamonium.

5) Like mother like son, well except for the eyes.

6) Group hugs are the best hugs.

7) Aww, looks like they are dancing.

8) “Nom nom nom, got your face!”

9) Every cat loves a good cuddle…

10) …and that includes big cats…

11) …even small big cats!

12) Anyone know if a cute overdose can be fatal? Because I think I just reached my toxicity level.

13) My brain cannot deflect cuteness of this magnitude.

14) Who are we to judge their love?

15) Meerkats, more like morehugs…ok that was terrible.

16) What a purrfect way to sleep.

17) You can’t cheat a cheetah out of a hug.

18) “Seriously mom, I’ll be gone for like 15 minutes…”

19) It took these sloths about an hour to get this hug going.

20) Looks like they’re all out of Coca Cola, but have plenty of hugs to give.

21) “One, two three. One, two, three. We’re doing it Bob, we’re dancing like them funny humans!”

22) Motherly hugs are the best hugs.

23) The gentle kings of the jungle.

24) “Rawr! Got ya!”

25) Hugging a baby elephant should be on everyone’s bucket list.

If anyone thinks that animals don’t have emotions, then show them these pictures. Share the love with your friends below.

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