These 23 Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves Will Make You Look Twice. Then Die Of Cuteness.

There’s a reason that stuffed animals sell by the truckloads every year. They’re a cute, low-cost, less-responsibility alternative to a real animal. That’s why we all buy them for our kids who, thankfully, seem to be satisfy by this. But what happens when you buy a stuffed animal for an animal? And what happens if that animal looks like said animal?

Well…this happens.

1. Kitten spooning is the best.

2. Daddy?

3. Which one is real?

4. He is not a fan of his stuffed brother.

5. Mommy’s baby.

6. They look like best friends.

7. All dressed up to meet his stuffed friend.

8. Way too cute. Both of them.

9. Everyone needs some company.

10. And we have a winner. This one is the best.

11. No wait, maybe this one is.

12. He can’t figure out why his new friend never sleeps.

13. Get this thing away from me…

14. You both win.

15. So fluffy!

16. He loves his big fluffy, fake older brother.

17. The eyes are a little off, but otherwise…

18. Any moment now, he’ll be humping it.

19. Looks like this puppy is adored.

20. Is his mouth a Nike sign?

21. Why won’t you kiss me back?

22. Even the fiercest creatures like a stuffed animal.

23. For all I know, both of these are real.

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