These 20 Things Will Blow Your Mind In The Most Mildly Interesting Way Ever. LOLOL.

This is one of my favorite games. The internet is filled with powerful photos, but that can get stale. Redditors have realized that it’s more impressive to find images that are interesting but not too interesting. See if these 20 photos hit the mark.

1. Some guy was buried to the knee in sand and this is the result when he hopped out. Hello Earth.

2. Here are some bubbles marching in line. Ehh.

3. This guy made the most beautiful bracket ever drawn.

4. The sun is hitting the toilet so perfectly. It’s like a treasure in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

5. This guys’s parents died last year, but they’re still shown on Google Maps.

6. What’s the point of this security login? Really.

7. This guy got a solid chocolate Kit Kat. Fail.

8. Please tell me you see it. I can’t STOP seeing it.

9. Geek Alert. I think this is more than mildly interesting. What do you think?

10. Boredom can lead to random photos. But this is great.

11. This lamp is keeping these leaves from realizing it’s winter. Someone has a sense of humor.

12. Clever with a camera, you are.

13. So that’s how trees have babies!

14. Two trees. One branch.

15. Never let your artichoke bloom. Never.

16. A triangle elevator. We don’t know why.

17. When his water froze, it took his straw for a ride. Weird.

18. Dude just give up. Worst Scrabble hand ever.

19. This is real. The Professor’s hat blends in. No CGI in our budget.

20. Burnt match = skull. Whoa.

(via: r/mildlyinteresting) What did you think? We’re starting to think maybe they’re a little more than mildly entertaining. Don’t you?

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