These 20 Photos Prove That When It Comes To Cuteness, Munchkin Cats Reign Supreme

Even if you’re not a cat person, you’re probably a munchkin cat person. It’s science.

These furballs are the feline versions of dachshunds, which are, beyond all shadow of a doubt, the best dogs of all time. (I might be biased here. There is the distinct possibility that there’s a dachshund on my lap right now. Just saying.) It only makes sense, then, that munchkin cats would reign supreme in the cat world.

If you’re someone who can turn their nose up at a fuzzy, stubby-legged kitty that can stand like a meerkat, then this article will not reach you. If you’re a regular person with a heart, it will. Since it’s now time to make the munchkin cat’s adorable case, I submit these photos and gifs into evidence.

1. When you accidentally send that really awful text that you were totally going to delete.

2. That moment when you realize you truly do not have legs.

3. Who’s worthy of this cuteness? Answer: no one. Not one person.

4. “Yes, I know, no legs, so cute, very fuzzy. Got it.”

5. “Give me the iPhone, puny hooman.”

6. Munchkin kitty is not interested in your garbage.

7. “Hello. Yes. Hi. I see that we’re in the food place, but there is no food happening.”

8. This cat is seven episodes deep into “Orange is the New Black” and doesn’t give a damn about the outside world or its nonsense.

9. When you’re just trying to live your life and Mom starts talking about you on the phone.


11. Who says big, bearded dudes can’t look for a little munchkin love? No one, that’s who.

12. “Call me tube cat again. I dare you.”

13. “You were warned.”

14. “I no reach this.”

15. When you’ve already realized that you’re a gift to this Earth and you’re waiting for your humans to follow suit.


16. As a short person, I identify with the fact that getting anywhere takes approximately 30 years.

17. “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” — This cat, and also Kierkegaard

18. “No, I’m not a weiner dog, but you are a hater.”

19. This game is cruel and unusual.

20. When your human asks where your legs went and you seriously have no idea.

See? What did I tell you? Case closed.

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