These 2 People Found What Looks Like The Gateway To Hell. Look Inside… It’s Unreal.

In the middle of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, there is an extremely active volcano complex. It’s known as Tolbachik, and it being in the midst of an active eruption isn’t that uncommon. That’s why the adventurous photographer duo from Kyrgyzstan, Andrew and Luda, decided to pay Tolbachik a visit. They wanted to get up close and personal with it’s fiery attitude. You won’t believe HOW close. The two wanted to document what it really looks like on the inside of the active volcano…

The Russian volcano Tolbachik is active.

So active, in fact, that the photographers were visiting during an eruption.

Lava reaches temperatures between 1,292 to 2,192 °F. That could literally melt your face off.

But Andrew and Luda braved the danger to get these truly spectacular shots.

Tolbachik actually consists of two volcanoes, Plosky and Ostry (which sound more like two cartoon friends and less like dangerous volcanic sites).

This volcano isn’t meek, either. In 1975, there was a large event called the “The Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption,” which was preceded by an earthquake swarm.

Their photography lets the world see what it might be like inside of an active volcano.

This is amazing, but it takes guts and skills that most people just don’t have. Wow.

Although the photographers do good work of capturing other wildlife, their photo sets of the volcanoes are just jaw-dropping. To see Andrew and Luda doing their thing, watch this:

Source: In Search of Beauty via Colossal It’s hard to believe some people are okay with being that close to something that can, and will, kill you. Click on the button below to share these extreme pictures. It’s unreal what a volcano actually looks like on the inside.

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