There’s An Island Off The Coast Of Canada That’s Off The Grid…Could You Make It?

Imagine waking up and having to walk outside to do your morning business. Sure, that’s how people used to live, but not anymore, right? Wrong.

There’s a Canadian island that has yet to connect to the power grid, which means that there’s no large-scale plumbing on the island, and all of the power comes from solar panels, fossil fuel generators, or sometimes even water. Not everyone who moves here makes it for the long haul, even if they thought they had the wherewithal to rough it in the wilderness. Do you think you could do it?

About the size of Manhattan, the island of Lasqueti is wedged between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Some of its inhabitants live in shanties that get the job done, and others live in more traditional homes.

But the main thing that people seek when they move to the island is total freedom.

The people who live here have left their old lives behind in exchange for that sense of liberation.

Sure, there are markets around town, and you can even find a diner or two…

…but you can’t get a sense of what life is like on this island until you hear it from the locals.


Most of us are so fully immersed in the grid that we can’t imagine living even a few hours without our modern amenities. But if you live on Lasqueti, your days will be filled with variety. One day, you’ll spend the entire afternoon chopping wood, and the next day, you’ll be fixing your generator so that you’re not left in pitch blackness all night.

Another cool thing about living in such a place is that money kind of loses its significance. If you’re up for it, venture to Lasqueti and see what life on this unique island is all about. Who knows? You may even want to stay a while.

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