The World’s Creepiest Statues Will Give You The Nightmares You Deserve.

What makes statues so creepy? Is it because even though they are a representation life, they are so stubbornly lifeless? Or is it because we can never prove they aren’t moving when we turn our backs? Take a look at some of the creepiest statues that silently watch over the world’s parks and cities.

You’re going to be looking over your shoulder more after this.

1.) “The Anonymous Statue” Budapest, Hungary

2.) “Le Passe-Muraille” Paris, France

3.) “The Freemont Troll” Seattle, WA

4.) “The Cloaks Of Conscience” Austria, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic

5.) “Virgin Mother” London, England

6.) “The Haserot Angel of Lakeview Cemetery” Cleveland, OH

7.) “Tower Babies” Prague, Czech Republic

8.) “Black Aggie” Washington DC

9.) “Cerný Wenceslas” Prague, Czech Republic

10.) “The Awakening” Washington DC

Ugh, the creepiest statues always have hooded cloaks. I think I’m just scared there might actually be a real person hiding under the hood. Give this a share on Facebook if you agree.

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