The Most Hilarious Things You Can Buy On The Internet For Five Dollars. is a nifty little site that is a fusion between Kickstarter and Amazon. Basically, you can hire strangers online to do almost anything you want. The price for the services is always the same (a friendly five bucks). What you can get for just $5 varies. You can find cheeky ways to advertise your small business, get custom art or even get a short message from a celebrity like Kelsey Grammar. Here is some of our favorites from For $5 you can…

…have this guy from Sri Lanka climb a coconut tree and pretend to find your business or website amongst the branches.

…have a healing master “uncurse you forever” using ancient techniques so you can laugh in the face of that wood-witch who cast the spell in the first place.

…have a special fx artist who works on major motion pictures show you how to make realistic looking shrunken heads, in case your friends have been complaining that your shrunken heads look too unrealistic.

…have someone make it look like these horses are eating your name spelled out in carrots. Or I guess it could also look like the horses themselves are arranging your name with carrots?

…have a guy pretending to be this adorable golden retriever create a personalized message for you or a friend.

…have a genealogical expert research your family tree. Hey that’s cheaper than! And, you know, time travel.

…have an electronic music producer do a remix of any music sample you give him. Can he do Free Bird?

…have this guy yell at you. Yikes!

…have someone expertly photoshop a lightsaber into your photos to greatly increase your influence on the galaxy.

…have this dear old man wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks Steve! I’m thankful that you and the internet exist.

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