The 25 Most Epic (And Hilarious) Notes Ever Left In An Office

Putting up with coworkers can be a trial for most people.

If you’re very particular (or possibly an extreme introvert), it can even feel like a punishment. However, there are creative, positive ways you can vent your frustration about your coworkers.

And then there are these passive aggressive notes.

1. And they were never heard from again.

2. Clever…but RIP Kevin.

3. I can only imagine what the wink means.

4. This is amazing.

5. Sick Comic Sans burn.


7. Birds of a feather Dave together.

8. They were asking for it, really.

9. They make a good point.

10. Never forget (the time the cleaning crew missed a dead cricket).

11. Sometimes, cans just aren’t into you.

12. These fonts need to STAHP.

13. No one will ever know…

14. This is what happens when you email the office about a lost pen.

15. This is a work of art.

16. If you’re going to make rules, follow them yourself.

17. That day, Debbie realized she was eating everyone’s food.

18. The note works as both a troll instruction or reaction. Perfect.

19. You gotta hate dealing with spoiled milk. So annoying.

20. And how many people follow that advice?

21. We have to do a better job of keeping our doors calm.

22. One of these is not like the other.

23. The office refused to take down this landline phone that no longer worked, so…

24. The worst. Just the worst.

25. They make a good point, sign.

(via Bored Panda)

Let’s face it. Sometimes, holding in a snarky response to an office email or note can be impossible.

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