Teens Shattered This Man’s Skull. But They Couldn’t Shatter His Beautiful Heart.

Ray Widstrand, of Minneapolis, experienced something absolutely horrifying. He was walking past a group of inner city youths involved in a street fight when they suddenly attacked him. He was beaten within an inch of his life and robbed.

Even though he’ll never be the same, he recently spoke out while recovering. His words aren’t filled with anger and revenge… they’re filled with hope and forgiveness.

Ray nearly died at the hands of hooligan teenagers for no reason.

His skull was smashed in and he suffered permanent brain damage. He wouldn’t be able to use the restroom alone again.

But even though the teens beat him nearly to death without reason, he forgives them. He actually forgives them and wishes them peace.

“I’m indifferent towards them. I wish them the best. But I am recovering and I’ll be back soon enough, hopefully I can go back to work, back to my normal life, back to living on my own and back to business as usual.”

Ray knows he has people praying for him. His family was shocked and disgusted by the violence, but he would not let them seek vengeance.

When police finally found Ray, he was lying on the ground, bleeding from his nose and mouth, his pants removed and shirt torn. His head was kicked in and the teens obviously searched through his belongings.

Ray was left to die. He suffered potentially fatal brain swelling and “permanent and protracted loss of brain function” as a result of the senseless beating. But that doesn’t mean he wants the 19 year-old and four juveniles responsible for his suffering to die.

His strength and courage is an inspiration. Share his incredible story with your friends. We truly can overcome anything.


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