Sweet Dog Is Extremely Excited To Walk Again Thanks To His New Prosthetic Legs

Cola is one happy dog. The nine-month-old pooch can finally walk, run, and play once again after being fitted with prosthetic limbs.

Sweet little Cola lost his front legs after being brutally attacked by a neighbor in retaliation for chewing on a pair of shoes the man owned. The neighbor — wanting to punish the pup — severed Cola’s legs with a sword. The world is a disgusting place.

Had it not been for the Soi Dog Foundation and their fast-acting animal responders, Cola would not be alive today. He can now walk again thanks to prosthetic limbs supplied by the specialist dog clinic.

I just feel like the human race doesn’t deserve dogs.

They are so selfless, pure, and full of love. Most aggressive dogs are that way because they were hurt by humans. Thankfully, Cola is still so full of joy even after going through such a horrific ordeal.

The man responsible for the attack only faced one month in prison for his crime. Luckily, Cola now has a new family and a loving home on the beach.

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